ASD Amplatzer Device closure

This procedure is suitable for some patients with ASD. It involves the insertion of a catheter into the groin. The catheter carries a collapsed closure device into the heart, which, when deployed, opens like an umbrella to close the defect.


If Amplatzer device closure is not possible, then we can perform surgery between the ribs on the right side of the chest using keyhole surgery. This allows excellent repair of the defect, by either direct closure, or using a patch which is carefully sewn into place. The cuts used, will heal up in a few days leading to a swifter recovery than the traditional breastbone approach to ASD closure.

benefits of keyhole surgery

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Thu 27 July 2017

Doctify verified testimonial 27/07/2017

Testimonial for treatment July 15th 2016 for atrial septal defect - 4.5cm Before The write-up about minimum invasive sur...

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