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Monika Rusinova
Monika Rusinova
Personal Assistant
Monika is a key member of our team and will help to coordinate your care with the clinical team and the hospital.
Monika has worked at The Harley Street Clinic for 4 years and has excellent insight into the needs of patients undergoing heart treatments of all types.
Monika Rusinova
Monika has worked on an extremely busy cardiac ward for the last 4 years. Her duties and responsibilities consist of meeting and greeting patients, visitors, consultants and staff and dealing with their enquires. She deals with telephone queries and enquiries and refers where appropriate. She makes bookings for consultant appointments and clinical investigations. Dealing with Medical records and managing patient files is another aspect of Monika’s role, alongside organising patient admissions and discharges. Her hobbies consist of running and fitness training, Hiking, photography, reading and Music.

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