Are rapid deployment sutureless aortic valves superior to TAVI?

Tue 03 April 2018

It was interesting to read an article by Santarpino and colleagues which seems to suggest that whilst TAVI (replacing the aortic valve via a wire placed in the groin) may offer certain short-term benefits compared to surgery using modern rapid deployment aortic valves (also known as sutureless valves), the long-term results may not be that favourable. In this study, the incidence of leakage around the new valve was higher in the TAVI group versus the surgical sutureless valve group (32.9% versus 3.8%; statistically highly significant difference), and survival in the TAVI group was lower (84.8% versus 97.5%; statistically highly significant difference).

Like most things in life, the easy road is not always the best in the long term. For now, we reserve TAVI for patients who are not suitable for traditional or minimally invasive aortic valve replacement with modern sutureless valves. 

Perceval Sutureless AVR (Livanova)

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