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If you have been diagnosed with a heart condition that requires surgery, you may not know that most procedures can now be performed by keyhole surgery rather than by breaking the whole breastbone. As one of the most trusted teams in the UK, the surgeons at The Keyhole Heart Clinic have been performing keyhole heart surgery for nearly 20 years.

To make it easier for patients in Essex to access our expertise, we have partnered with a number of locations in Essex, to offer more convenient access to our clinical team.

If you have been recently diagnosed with a heart issue, you should not have to travel far to receive expert help and support. However, many patients may find local services hard to come by close to where they live. The good news is at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, if you live in the Essex region, we can offer exclusive help and advice when you need it most. Our team can see you in a number of different locations in Essex or you can come to our premier London clinic on Harley Street, only a short journey away from Oxford Street.

If travelling is not possible, our team are very experienced at offering you secure video consultations if you prefer.

Keyhole heart surgery offers many benefits including:

  • No breastbone break
  • Healing in days rather than 3 months
  • Less pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Less Infection
  • Much better cosmetic result from the smaller scars

We have considerable experience in many procedures including:


Experienced Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons of Keyhole Heart Surgery in Essex

Thanks to almost 20 years of experience amongst our expert medical team, we have perfected the procedure of advanced keyhole surgery. With our internationally-renowned cardiologists and heart surgeons, led by Mr Inderpaul Birdi, we can offer a service like no other to those patients needing heart surgery in Essex. As there is no need to cut the breastbone, the resulting wound can heal much faster and it means a much less painful recovery.

We also recognise that a service of excellence is more than just excellent surgery. At The Keyhole Heart Clinic, we are committed to providing unrivalled aftercare through our patient coordinator service and patient portal. This means that patients are able to communicate directly with their surgeon if they are concerned at any time after their surgery.

If you live in Essex and have been diagnosed recently with a heart condition that requires surgery, we are happy to help provide a second opinion for you. It can be a stressful time receiving the news that you require heart surgery, and we recommend that all patients in this circumstance find out as much information as they can to help them make a fully informed choice and discover what other options are available.

As advocates of keyhole surgery, we know that we can provide a safe and proven procedure that has many benefits. We can arrange a consultation via video if you live in Essex and provide the reassurances that you’re looking for. At a time and location convenient for you, including Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford, we’ll help you receive expert help from our clinical team in Essex.

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Our keyhole heart surgery in Essex solutions will provide the expert advice you need as well as a detailed consultation. Contact us today to speak to us further about any concerns you may have with heart surgery in Essex, and we can help advise on the best next steps for you.

For more expert insight, please see our videos section full of detailed explanation of the services and techniques we provide. You can also see what our past patients have experienced by viewing our testimonials.

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