Keyhole CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass)

Written by Inder Birdi on the May 27, 2019

The team at The Keyhole Heart Clinic receive several enquires regarding keyhole CABG surgery for coronary artery blockages rather than through the divided breastbone. So we asked Mr. Inderpaul Birdi to explain the different options available for patients with multiple blocks in their heart arteries using keyhole and hybrid treatments. In the video, he explains the benefits of keyhole CABG over breastbone incisions including, less pain, less bleeding, and healing in days rather than months. Some patients who are not suitable for full keyhole CABG can still avoid breastbone incision using a combination of surgery to some arteries, and stents to those that can not be reached.  This is called Hybrid Coronary Surgery and be very effective in the right patients.

We hope you enjoy the video:

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