Sun 20 January 2019

DD Keyhole MItral Valve Surgery

As a keen horse rider regularly competing in horse trials, the diagnosis of a mitral valve leak had potentially significant consequences for my riding, both short term while recovering from an operation and long term should a replacement valve and blood thinners be needed.

After researching surgeons specialising in valve repairs I discovered the Keyhole Heart Clinic website. The information provided by Mr Birdi, especially the Video was incredibly informative and reassuring

After calling the clinic Mr Birdi returned my call the same day and took to understand me as an individual and discuss my condition, while also explaining his approach to mitral valve surgery. An appointment was arranged for a few days later at The Harley Street Clinic.

When I met Mr Birdi he explained the Minimally invasive approach in detail and explained where the incisions and scars would be. Mr Birdi also explained the probability of repairing the valve in my particular circumstances based on my echocardiograms. Once again I was treated as an individual and we discussed all aspects of the procedure and how it would impact me personally.

The appointment with Mr Birdi left me totally reassured I had found the best surgeon available to undertake a repair.

My surgery was a complete success resulting in a “perfectly repaired” valve. The Minimally invasive approach definitely allowed me to recover much more quickly than a traditional approach would have done. After 3 weeks I pretty much felt back to normal and felt frustrated at having to wait to be able to ride again!

In summary Mr Birdi is both an excellent surgeon and an outstanding doctor. Words cannot express how reassured I felt from the moment I first discussed my condition with him, and I am eternally grateful that his skill as a surgeon was available to me.

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