Tue 19 September 2017

Doctify verified testimonial 19/09/2017

I had severe pains in my chest and within a few weeks had to have open-heart surgery. Inserting stents would not work, only a by-pass operation could cure my condition. I was in complete shock and scared. I was then introduced to Mr Birdi, who would be my surgeon. I could not have been in better hands. He put my wife and I at ease by explaining exactly what was happening to me, what surgical procedure I required, and how to improve my health and general well-being post-op. Nothing was too much trouble – he was available at any time if I had further questions. His whole demeanour exuded confidence and I knew that I would be able to trust him with my life. He, personally, came to see my wife straight after my operation to assure her all went well. His compassionate manner did not change after the operation, and I have only heartfelt gratitude at the way he treated me, and my family, from our first meeting to being discharged. I cannot praise Mr Birdi enough – he is an approachable, extremely pleasant and professional gentleman, who is also an exceptional cardiac surgeon.

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