Tue 28 February 2017


In September 2013 I was experiencing chest pains and increasing breathlessness. I had been having tests on the NHS in Wales but I was told, even though I had large atrial septal defect and a leaking mitral valve, I would have to wait about 9 months for surgery. As my health was deteriorating and my family were concerned at the time scale I would have to wait, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and looked on the Internet for a surgeon to carry out the surgery.

This led me to find Mr. Inderpaul Birdi at The Keyhole heart Clinic and keyhole surgery really appealed to me. I rang Mr. Birdi and left a message on his answering service. I was so surprised when he returned my call later that day! I explained my situation and sent my results to him, as requested. He contacted me the following day and told me I needed to have the problem rectified as soon as possible, and within a couple of weeks I was in the Orwell Suite awaiting surgery. The speed, care and compassion shown to my family and me by Mr. Birdi and his team was amazing.

Although I was unable to have the keyhole surgery, my health and quality of life today, I owe totally to them all. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to get the best and go to the Keyhole Heart Clinic and put yourself in the safe hands of Mr. Birdi and his team.

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