Diary of a patient: My Experience with Quadruple Keyhole Bypass Surgery at The Keyhole Heart Clinic

A Journey to Recovery with The Keyhole Heart Clinic


Navigating through health concerns can often feel like an overwhelming journey, especially when met with frustrations within the healthcare system. That was my story until I found a beacon of hope and expertise at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, guided by the exceptional care of Mr. Inder Birdi at Cromwell Hospital.


My journey began amidst the challenges and setbacks faced in my local hopital. Feeling disheartened by the process, I reached out to the Keyhole Clinic and was immediately met with a refreshing experience. Frances, a member of their team, swiftly arranged a remote consultation after just a few days of initial contact. During this session, I had the opportunity to discuss my heart condition with Mr. Birdi, and his expertise and assurance filled me with confidence.


What struck me most was Mr. Birdi’s approach—he proposed a quadruple bypass surgery through a minimally invasive keyhole technique. This revelation brought immense relief and a renewed sense of hope. The subsequent organization of essential tests and the pre-op procedures at Cromwell Hospital in London demonstrated the clinic’s efficiency and commitment to patient care.


On the day of the surgery, Mr. Birdi admitted me at the crack of dawn, and without delay, he performed the quadruple bypass procedure on my beating heart through the keyhole technique. The efficiency, precision, and care displayed throughout this procedure were nothing short of exceptional.


Remarkably, my recovery was astonishingly swift. Discharged just a few days post-surgery, I found myself back at work in my office within a day, gradually easing back into my routine duties in the subsequent weeks. The speed of my recovery, while maintaining utmost caution, is a testament to the proficiency of Mr. Birdi and his team.


Six weeks later, the post-op consultation reaffirmed my progress, and I was signed off, and given the green light to resume both my work and private life. The professionalism, compassion, and genuine care exhibited by Mr. Birdi and his team are unparalleled. Their dedication not only ensured a successful surgery but also facilitated a rapid and smooth recovery process.


To anyone facing similar cardiac challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend the Keyhole Heart Clinic and the expertise of Mr. Inder Birdi. Their commitment to patient well-being, coupled with their advanced techniques, is a testament to their excellence in cardiac care.


In conclusion, my heartfelt gratitude extends to Mr. Birdi and the entire team at the Keyhole Heart Clinic for restoring my health and allowing me to embrace life once again.


Thank you.


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