Leicester Heart Surgery

At The Keyhole Heart Clinic, we are able to provide essential heart screening and advice for those in Leicester who are displaying symptoms of heart disease or have been recently diagnosed. With our clinic located in London, we are now happy to provide remote consultations at your convenience.  Leicester heart surgery support is available no matter where you are located, so contact us today to discuss your symptoms and if you require a remote consultation.


Leicester Health – Cardiac Services


When receiving a heart diagnosis, it can be an extremely difficult time and you’ll want to find the best advice and treatments available. Although we are a London clinic, this shouldn’t prevent you from receiving our expert medical advice from leading cardiologists and surgeons. If you live in the Leicester region, we can assist via remote consultations with any heart concerns you may be experiencing.

Whilst we welcome visitors from across the UK to our clinic, modern advancements in technology enable us to provide online video consultations at the same level. As pioneers of life-changing keyhole heart surgery, we want to provide our expertise to many more people across the country, something we are happy to now offer.

As this is such an important breakthrough in the way patients not only receive treatment but also aiding their recovery, we can help you connect with leading cardiologists and surgeons on before undergoing surgery, all whilst being based in Leicester. This convenience is all part of our commitment to provide expert clinical advice and the latest cardiac care solutions that you won’t have to travel to find.

Leicester Heart Surgery

If you are looking for Leicester health cardiac services, you can receive expert advice from a specialist clinical team in heart health by phone and video consultations. At the Keyhole Heart Clinic, you can receive advice and help with the following conditions:

How We Can Help You with Leicester Health Cardiac Services

You could have many different reasons for needing further support and advice from our heart experts. At The Keyhole Heart Surgery, we’ll assist in the following ways if you reside in Leicester:

  1. Help you understand your current situation and the viable options available to you if you have been advised by your Doctor you require open-heart surgery. We’ll help show you why this may not be your only option and that keyhole heart surgery could be a great alternative for you.
  2. If you haven’t had a diagnosis but you are concerned about your heart health or have learnt of a family history of heart issues, we’ll arrange heart screening to investigate and advise any next steps based on the results.
  3. You may require a Second Opinion after receiving a diagnosis, and we are happy to assist in looking at your current heart health from a different perspective. Supported by our world-class medical team, you’ll understand the full picture and the options available through us.

Whether you’ve been looking for Leicester health advice on heart conditions or you want to learn more about how keyhole surgery could be an option for you, please contact us today. Our expert team will arrange a video consultation at your convenience.

Amongst our Leicester health services and treatments available to you, these include:

  • Keyhole Heart Surgery
  • Second Opinion
  • Heart Screening
  • Heart Rhythm Disorders
  • Cardiac Registered Dietitians
  • Rehabilitation

We are here to help and are ready to receive your enquiry. To book a video consultation for Leicester health advice regarding your heart symptoms, either send us an email, call, or fill in our online appointment form with a few short details and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Read more about the experiences of patients who we have helped previously in our testimonials page. You’ll learn about first-hand insights into both the treatments and expert advice we provide to our patients. Then when you’re ready, book a Leicester heart consultation remotely with us.

Leicester Heart Surgery FAQs


How Do I Find Out More About Leicester Health Services?

Our website has plenty of information to help you in between visiting our clinic or booking a consultation. We have plenty of resources online to help you further, such as our knowledge hub, where you’ll find downloadable whitepapers full of insight and helpful information from helping you to prepare for heart surgery, to the symptoms of heart disease you need to be aware of. Our blog section delves deeper into conditions and treatments and the latest developments within heart disease diagnosis and treatment also. If you prefer to listen to our medical team providing advice, you can do so in our videos section, providing more insight that you won’t find anywhere else.


Why Should I Consider the Keyhole Approach as a Leicester Heart Patient?

For over 15 years our experts have provided medical advice and treatment of keyhole heart surgery. This puts us in a unique position, and we have a great reputation for providing results that patients want, all without the need for intrusive open-heart surgery. We provide not only advice but heart screening and first-class treatment for those suffering from minor to severe heart symptoms. Our attention to world-class cardiac care sets us apart from other clinics, with our remote consultations providing a greater reach across the UK.


What are the Benefits of Keyhole Heart Surgery for Leicester Heart Patients?

The benefits of keyhole surgery compared to open-heart surgery include no breaking of the bone, healing within 7 days, no risk of any bone infection, minimal pain, reduced downtime, and a superior cosmetic appeal. All of these mean a quicker recovery and minimal scarring whilst receiving the same acute precision and successful results as traditional methods. Learn more about keyhole heart surgery here.


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