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At The Keyhole Heart Clinic, a heart clinic in London, our expertise enables us to provide many different cardiac services to our patients, covering a wide spectrum of treatments through cardiac care. With all of our services, you’ll be treated to expert care from the start with our internationally renowned team, ensuring your experience with our heart services is of a world-class standard. Our full list of cardiac care services are below, with further detail on each treatment as well as our heart screening programmes.

If you want to speak with the team at our London Heart Clinic to find out more, contact us today to book a consultation in our clinic or via video.

Heart Clinic London Services

As a proven procedure that is very safe, keyhole therapies or minimally invasive, minimal access heart surgery, is very beneficial. The Keyhole Heart Clinic team have been performing these procedures for more than 10 years and are recognised leaders in this area. Find out how our keyhole heart services can help you avoid unnecessary scarring and provide quicker recovery times.
Are you seeking reassurance about your treatment choices? Here at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, we provide second option cardiac services to ensure you are as informed as possible on any potential surgery. In response to the increasing demand for our opinion, we have created two ways for you to access us for a second opinion; within our clinic and also via video if this is more convenient for you.
When you need to check whether your heart may show signs of an issue now or in the future, booking in for a heart screening procedure is the best way to know for sure. If you have a history of heart disease within your family or have suffered from any symptoms related to heart problems, such as chest pain or shortness of breath, a few simple steps such as a blood test, ECG or MRI will help to prevent further problems.
We offer a fully comprehensive electrophysiology service for both diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders using the most advanced techniques available. Whether you are experiencing mild symptoms, or you are unsure if your heart rhythm is functioning normally throughout the day, we are here to help look into and treat any heart arrhythmia issues.
Eating well forms the foundation of good heart health and the avoidance of disease, but with so much information available, it can be difficult to follow the right advice. Our team of Registered Dieticians and Nutritional Therapists are specialists in cardiovascular health and can perform a nutrition assessment to get to the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. This nutritional cardiac service will help you continue to live healthily for longer.

Supervised rehabilitation is a cardiac service we recommend for all our patients who have undergone treatment. With Angela Hartley, our Cardiac Nurse and Exercise Specialist, we can offer our patients one to one exercise and lifestyle programmes following any heart treatments you may have had. Rehabilitation is important as part of the recovery process to maximise long-term results and we’re happy to offer this as part of our cardiac care services.
Computerised Tomography (CT) is the method of scanning the body for detailed images that can’t be seen externally. An effective way to diagnose heart conditions, a cardiac CT scan can reveal details about your heart and uncover the severity of any problems.

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Supportive Therapies

We strongly endorse the need for supervised rehabilitation for all patients who have undergone treatment under our care. Find out more about rehabilitation after any of our cardiac services.
Eating well is an essential part of good health and to help fight disease. With a myriad of information available regarding the best nutrition for heart health, this can create confusion. Find out more about our nutrition recommendations as part of our wider cardiac care services.
Diseases of the heart are often diagnosed once they have created problems. Increasingly, doctors are recognising that early diagnosis can often prevent the secondary effects of latent cardiac problems. Find out more about this heart service centred around preventative measures.

World-Class Cardiac Care Services at Heart Clinic in London

As a commitment to our patients, at The Keyhole Heart Clinic London, we always strive to provide world-class cardiac services at the highest standards. From helping you diagnose a heart condition, receive treatment, as well as specialist after-care and advice, we know how important our heart services are for our patients. As pioneers of minimally invasive keyhole surgery, we want to help those who are unsure of a recent diagnosis or who require a safer and much quicker surgical option that minimises downtime. We can help you with the following cardiac conditions and provide further insight and advice when you need it:

Our team, led by Clinical Lead, Director and Founder Inderpaul Birdi, have extensive experience providing minimally invasive heart surgery and helping patients with our cardiac services recover faster. Those who have experienced these services at The Keyhole Heart Clinic can attest to the world-class treatment they received – you can read more of their testimonials here.

If you require our expertise and want to book a consultation, please contact us and we can arrange this whichever is more convenient for you. We are happy to offer video consultations if visiting us is difficult, as well as arrange for meeting you at our clinic. To find out more about our cardiac services, you will find videos from our experts that will help you understand further about many of the treatments and heart conditions we can treat.

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