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Mr Inder Birdi and the team at The Keyhole Heart Clinic are Internationally recognised Heart Surgeons and Cardiologists based in London, Nottingham, Essex and Harrogate. Find out more about Mr Birdi and his keyhole heart team here:

Inderpaul Birdi
Inderpaul Birdi
Clinical Lead and Director
By Appointment
New Appointment £450
Followup Appointment £325
Top Heart Surgeon Mr Inderpaul Birdi is an internationally recognised Cardiothoracic Surgeon Consultant with extensive experience in keyhole heart surgery. Mr Birdi is the Clinical Lead and Director at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, working closely with the specialist heart team to provide patients with minimally invasive keyhole heart surgery to treat various cardiac conditions. The team At The Keyhole Heart Clinic are Number 1 in the UK when judged by the breadth and length of clinical experience that Mr Birdi and his team have gained in keyhole heart surgery procedures over the last 18 years.
Inderpaul Birdi is recognised both nationally and internationally for his experience in keyhole heart surgery. Mr Birdi performs all types of traditional and keyhole heart surgery for a wide range of heart problems including mitral valve repair and mitral vale replacement, aortic valve repair and aortic valve replacement, tricuspid valve repair and tricuspid valve replacement, ASD repair, beating heart surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery, keyhole coronary artery bypass surgery and more. Many of his colleagues regards him as one of the best heart surgeons in the UK.

Our World Class Doctors

Steven Hunter

Internationally Recognised Heart Surgeon with Extensive Experience in Keyhole Heart Surgery and Atrial Fibrillation.

Ravi De Silva

Ravi De Silva is a nationally recognised aortic surgeon with an extensive experience of surgery of the aorta and aortic

Nagarajan Muthialu

Internationally Recognised Consultant Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon based at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Michael Mullen

Internationally Recognised Cardiologist With Extensive Experience In Transcatheter Heart and Valve Defect Correction.

Arvind Singh

Experienced Heart Surgeon With Special Interest In Complex Aortic and Aortic Valve Surgery.

Our Office Team

Monika Rusinova

Monika is a key member of our team and will help to coordinate your care with the clinical team and the hospital.

Elizabeth Macpherson

Elizabeth (Liz) is our patient pathway coordinator and plays a vital role in supporting you throughout your care with us

Amrit Birdi

Leads The Digital Team at The Keyhole Heart Clinic. Medical Illustration, Web Design And More.

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Are You Suitable For Keyhole Heart Surgery?

Not sure if you are a suitable candidate for Keyhole Heart Surgery? We can identify if our procedures are right for your circumstances and you can find out more from our Clinical Lead and Director Inderpaul Birdi in this video.

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