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Rajni is our Operations Officer and has an intuitive understanding of all aspects of the services and clinical pathways offered at The Keyhole Heart Clinic. Rajni leads the team and is available if you ever wish to discuss aspects of our service. We are always delighted to discuss affiliate relationships which are of value to our patients. Rajni started her career in the world of sales in Media Advertising, which included newspapers, directories and radio which I look back on with the fondest of memories. Not only did she gain life skills but made some great friends along the way. After more than 20 years in this industry, she changed direction to become a very passionate Senior Tutor @ Bauer Academy, which enabled her to help learners up-skill and re-skill to gain further qualifications. It involved delivering sales training, writing content and putting my heart and soul into coaching them on each of their learning journeys. Then unexpectedly in 2022, Rajni suffered a heart attack, which made her see everything in a different light. Her whole focus has been directed towards understand what can be done to prevent cardiovascular disease and of course what surgical options there are today.

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Keyhole heart surgery and open heart surgery are two distinct approaches to treating heart conditions, differing significantly in technique, recovery,

At The Keyhole Heart Clinic, we deeply understand the significance of Clinical Prevention and Rehabilitation (CP+R) in ensuring optimal cardiac

Keyhole heart surgery is also known as minimally invasive cardiac surgery or thoracoscopic surgery and has revolutionised the treatment of