Valve Surgery

Trust our team to repair or replace your damaged heart valves.

Whether its your aortic valve, mitral valve or tricuspid valve, keyhole heart valve surgery can repair or replace damaged valves without having to break your breastbone. This means a much faster recovery time – seven days compared to twelve weeks. You get discharged from hospital sooner and get to live your life again instead of waiting for your breastbone to heal.

Fewer complications

The much smaller incision with keyhole heart valve surgery means less chance of bleeding, infection or breathing difficulties. Cosmetically it also means a small scar that is easily hidden in contrast to a twelve-inch highly visible scar.

Leading surgeons

Our lead surgeon Mr Inder Birdi has an exceptional track record of safety and long-term success using both traditional and keyhole procedures. He also trains other surgeons in this cutting-edge field of medicine so that more people can benefit from it.

Patients talk about their experience of Keyhole Valve Surgery

Valve Surgery
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Mr Inderpaul Birdi talks about the benefits of keyhole surgery


What Our Patients Say About Mr Birdi, a Heart Surgeon in London

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