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Benefits of Keyhole (Minimally Invasive) Heart Surgery

You may not realise that keyhole heart surgery is now a proven procedure and is very safe in expert hands. It is also known as minimally invasive or minimal access heart surgery.

The Keyhole Heart Clinic team have been performing these procedures for more that 10 years and are recognised leaders in this area. With us you can rest assured that if keyhole heart surgery is suitable for you, then you can benefit from the many advantages listed below:

“You do not need to have your breastbone divided so you can heal in a few days rather than 3 months”

“Your scar can be as small as 3 inches in length compared to 12 inches with traditional treatments”

“Your scar can be concealed from view so you can wear what you want without concern”

“Some keyhole treatments do not need any cuts at all” and “You can avoid open heart surgery completely”

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Traditional Approach
Traditional Breastbone Division
Broken bone
Heals in 3 months
No heavy lifting for 12 weeks
Small risk of bone infection
Mild to moderate pain
Cosmetically less appealing
Keyhole Approach
Keyhole Approach
No broken bone
Heals within 7 days
Resume activity within days
No bone infection risk
Minimal pain
Superior cosmetic appeal