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Heart Surgery Introduction

Facing the need for heart surgery can be a very daunting experience. Apart from feeling less than your usual self, you will undoubtedly be worried about the anxiety that surgery may bring:

How long will it take for you to recover from your surgery?

Will you feel better after your surgery?

Are you being offered the best treatment that medicine can offer?

Is your treatment happening quickly enough to ensure the best possible outcome?

Do you really need to have your breastbone opened, with the challenges that this may bring?

Everyone needing heart surgery deserves to have their treatment performed promptly, and these days, with advances in medical technology and proven safety of minimally invasive heart surgery, all patients should be considered by specialists for their suitability to undergo keyhole treatment.

The difficulty many patients face is that the doctors looking after their care are not experienced in keyhole techniques and, as a result, patients are often given inadequate advice about their suitability to undergo keyhole heart surgery.


Led by Mr Inderpaul Birdi, Cardiac Surgeon, the team at The Keyhole Heart Clinic have been performing keyhole heart surgery for nearly 18 years in the UK and we are recognised as clinical leaders in this field with both high quality and safe outcomes.

“The benefits of keyhole heart surgery have been seen first-hand by our team.” 


“Couldn’t fault anything. Mr Birdi was exactly what I hoped he would be. Mr Birdi’s Reply: Thank you so much for asking me to be your doctor. I feel privileged to help…”





Traditional heart surgery is performed by opening the breastbone using a surgical saw. The breastbone is spread open to access the heart. Following the procedure, the breastbone is wired together and will require restriction of activities for 12 weeks, until the bone has fully healed.

Alternatively, during keyhole heart surgery, the surgeon performs your heart surgery through tiny cuts between your ribs rather through the opened breastbone. This results in:

Less pain

Less bleeding

Less infectious risk

Healing in days rather than months

Quicker return to normal activities

Our team have decades of experience in selecting your suitability for keyhole heart surgery. Following your clinical review, we can obtain your existing tests and if required, complete your assessment in a matter of days.

“I underwent minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery to repair a mitral valve. I received excellent treatment from the most professional yet genuinely friendly people. I received excellent treatment from day one and I am pleased to say that my op was a total success.” 

We are also committed to ensuring that your surgery is performed within 2 weeks of completing your assessment, since we know that delays will reduce the efficacy of any heart surgery. We are also very flexible in scheduling your surgery around you.

Our team have been carefully selected to make your heart surgery as pleasant an experience as possible. It is not enough that we are experts. We also want to be sure that you feel like we are your “extended family” throughout your care and beyond. Our unique patient communication portal allows you to contact your clinical team at any time before, during, or after your surgery, a feature that few, if any other services offer to their patients.

Our testimonials have consistently reflected the very high standard of care that have delivered for nearly 18 years


“Mr Birdi is an outstanding surgeon, performing key-hole bypass surgery on me. Not only a good surgeon but wonderful bedside manner… I owe him (and God) my life…”



Stage 1: Book An Appointment To See Us

You can book to see us face to face in our clinic in London or Nottingham. If you prefer an online consultation, you can book this too. All you need to do is click the “Book an Appointment” Link below to action this.




Stage 2: Your Appointment

Your doctor will review your symptoms and history, following which he/she will examine you. We are very happy for you to bring a relative with you and if you require a Chaperone, we have a team on hand to assist.

Stage 3: The Plan

Your doctor will formulate a detailed plan which will include a full review of your existing tests. He/she will also indicate any added tests you may require, making a full assessment of your suitability for keyhole heart surgery. We are confident that once your plan has been made, we can offer you surgery within 10-14 days.

Stage 4: Your Surgery

Depending upon the type of surgery you need, you will typically need to be in hospital for 5-7 days. You will be cared for by a highly experienced team who look after high volumes of patients undergoing both traditional and keyhole heart surgery. Our chosen hospitals have clinical experts in every medical discipline, and we can call upon their services 24/7 if needed. This means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that all your clinical needs can be addressed by experts in their field.

Stage 5: Postoperative Care

Once you have been discharged from hospital, we are still on hand for you any time you need us. We will invite you to our unique patient portal, where you can communicate directly with us, and you surgeon at any time. We have found that this support has helped our patients to recover with greater confidence. We want your experience to be as good as we can make it in every way.

“It is not enough that we can do what we do really well, it is also the care and compassion that you will receive at a time when you need it most” 


“Can’t put it words at the moment. Felt like he was a family friend who was returning a favour to my family….”





Our doctors are recognised by all private medical insurance providers.

If you are self-funding your surgery, then we will provide you with our fees. Our clinical team fix their fees up front and will care for you until you are discharged from hospital.

We will also obtain the costs of hospital care from our hospital partners depending upon where you decide to have your surgery. As a ballpark figure, private heart surgery costs start at £35,000, depending upon the type of procedure required and your general health prior to surgery.


“Mr Birdi is the only surgeon I trusted to operate on my mum’s heart. As a self paying patient, his care and team really were worth every penny and more. Our only regret is that we didn’t go to him sooner. He really is the best of his field.” Mr Birdi’s Reply: Thank you so…”

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