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    You may not realise that keyhole heart surgery is now a proven procedure and is very safe in expert hands. It is also known as minimally invasive or minimal access heart surgery. You heal within days rather than months and the scars are much smaller than with traditional methods. The best thing is, you can get back to enjoying your life quicker.


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    London Heart Clinic

    Who We Are – London Cardiovascular Clinic:

    The Keyhole Heart Clinic is a London heart clinic, specialising in world leading keyhole heart surgery. We have a large, expert team based at our keyhole heart clinic, headed up by Lead Clinician, Director and highly experienced cardiothoracic surgeon Mr Inderpaul Birdi, whose specialist area of expertise is minimally invasive heart surgery. He is professionally affiliated with many world renowned medical societies and associations – a list of which can be found here - along with Mr Birdi’s personal areas of expertise, all of which makes him one of the most skilled and best cardiologists in London. If you have any questions about our team, what we do, who might be looking after you, or anything about the best cardiologist London, please do feel free to get in touch, and the expert team at our London heart clinic will be delighted to answer any of your queries.

    What Our London Heart Clinic Does:

    We are experts in keyhole heart surgery London, a breakthrough technology offering a new approach to heart surgery. Keyhole heart surgery London is minimally invasive as opposed to more classic heart surgery techniques, which usually involve breaking and opening the breastbone. Keyhole heart surgery London leaves a scar of only about 3 inches (comparative to 12 inches normally), is much less painful, and means your recovery is far quicker. Keyhole surgery is an excellent option in many cases, as you’ll be back on your feet, doing the activities you love within just a few days, compared to the months it can take to recover from traditional heart surgery.

    What Other Services Does This London Cardiovascular Clinic Offer?

    Our London heart clinic also offers other heart related services, such as our screening programme. Should your family have a history of heart disease, or if you are experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or palpitations, a cardiovascular screening can really give you that peace of mind you need, and will help your doctor diagnose and treat any issues you have been having. Additionally, we offer second opinions. You may be wondering whether you are suitable for keyhole heart surgery London, want answers to your questions from the best cardiologists in London, or want some reassurance about your treatment options – whatever the query, we are here to help. This can either be in person at our London heart clinic, or online, depending on your location. We would always remember an in-person consultation or second opinion, but our remote service allows you to utilise our expertise, even if you are not local to our clinic. For more information on all of our keyhole heart clinic services London, please click here. Here, you will find all the information you may need regarding our keyhole therapies, valve disorders and heart screening services, as well as our treatment for blocked arteries and heart rhythm disorders.

    Where Is The Keyhole Heart Clinic Based?

    The Keyhole Heart Clinic is a London cardiovascular clinic, Mr Inderpaul Birdi works in the NHS, and practices at The Harley Street Clinic and The Wellington Hospital, London. Most of the best cardiologist London consultation work takes place in London, however, we understand not everyone who needs our services live in this area. Therefore, if you live a very long way away, we also offer a remote (online) consultation service, where we will discuss your symptoms and health history, and asses your needs on a video call with yourself. We would always recommend an in-person consultation, but this offering means those that need help and cannot travel for a consultation can also utilise our London cardiovascular clinic consultation services – from the comfort of their own home. If you can travel for a consultation, we would always recommend to. If you decide to proceed with the surgery after consultation, cardiovascular surgery will either take place in London or Essex.

    How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Cardiologists in London?

    At The Keyhole Heart Clinic, results are everything – we want your heart issue to be solved quickly, so that you can go back to living the life you love, as soon as possible. Our London heart clinic cares about each and every one of our clients and are incredibly passionate about our work. Because we know we are always pushing for the best & highest level of client satisfaction possible, we ask for a quick testimonial from many of our patients – which you can read here. The Keyhole Heart Clinic testimonials really do speak for themselves and mark out Mr Inderpaul Birdi as one of the best cardiologists in London. At our private cardiologist London clinic, you can rest assured you or your loved one are in the safest, most experienced hands possible. If you’re searching for a friendly, experienced cardiologist London, look no further. Here are a few snippets of some of our favourite testimonials about Mr Inderpaul Birdi and our service:

    • ‘I have nothing but praise for the opportunity to benefit from this latest surgical technique. The rapid recovery has enabled me to carry on with my personal plans with little interruption.’
    • ‘I felt confident that he would fix me. He was so passionate about what he could do. As upsetting as it was to learn about the danger I was in, I felt I could trust him. He didn’t sugar coat anything. He simply told me the facts and what he would do to solve the problem. I left feeling confident that I was in excellent hands.’
    • ‘He was obviously very much in command and very concerned to give the patient the best treatment and care before and after, his follow up care is outstanding. His main concern all along is your needs. When I considered that the most important organ in the human body was being entrusted to this very honest and unassuming person with such an excellent knowledge, I was imparted with confidence at every step. I would unhesitatingly recommend Mr Birdi both as a person and a highly skilled and qualified heart surgeon – He truly is an incredible man’.

    What Are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Keyhole Heart Surgery London?

    Minimally invasive keyhole heart surgery is what we specialise in. Keyhole heart surgery London must be carried out by a specialist cardiologist London – such as Mr Inderpaul Birdi – as it is a relatively new technique and requires a different skillset to traditional heart surgery. Not every candidate for heart surgery is applicable for minimally invasive keyhole heart surgery (this will be determined at your consultation), but where possible we would recommend this type of surgery for every patient for whom it is safe and possible. At your consultation, our experts will determine whether it is suitable for you and your health. If it is, the benefits of minimally invasive surgery are incredible. Here are a few of the benefits of keyhole heart surgery from a private cardiologist London:

    • No breastbone division: keyhole heart surgery London is completed through small incisions to the chest or groin by a skilled cardiologist London, rather than necessitating a full breastbone division.
    • Lesser recovery time: because traditional heart surgery included breastbone division (and, on top of heart surgery, you are essentially dealing with a broken bone), it is a major surgery, and requires a long time to heal. With keyhole surgery, it is much more minimally invasive, and as such does not take months to recover from – instead, you should completely be back to ‘normal life’ within a few weeks.
    • Smaller & more subtle scarring: because keyhole heart surgery only requires a few small incisions (and sometimes none at all), the cosmetic result is much more superior. Scarring is minimal and is coverable, meaning you can wear your normal clothes with no alterations necessary. With breastbone division, you will usually be left with a 12-inch scar, whereas with keyhole surgery, it will only be around 3 inches long.
    • No risk of bone infection: because keyhole heart surgery London does not require bones to be broken, there is no risk of bone infection.
    • Heal within 7 days: due to the minimally invasive nature of keyhole surgery, the wound should heal within a week.
    • Less pain: keyhole heart surgery by a private cardiologist London means you will experience less pain than after traditional heart surgery. The fact no bones are broken during the surgery means you will experience less discomfort during recovery.

    Get in Touch with a Private Cardiologist London:

    We know that everyone feels much more comfortable when their questions are answered, especially when it comes to something as potentially life changing as heart surgery. That’s why we want to hear from you – please find all our contact information here, and feel free to get in touch with us at our London heart clinic at any time. We offer a free call back service, as well as a general enquiries option, so you can rest assured a friendly member of our expert team will be in touch with you regarding your query as soon as possible. Communication is at the heart of what we do, so you can be assured any questions you may have – big or small – will be answered with care, compassion and expertise.


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