We offer the gold standard in keyhole mitral valve surgery

Whenever possible, it is best to repair rather than replace the mitral valve. This preserves the heart function and the need for anticoagulation medication. Unlike traditional surgery with a full breastbone break, The Keyhole Heart Clinic’s preferred technique is a small incision over the rib cage with no need to cut any bone. In some patients who are too high risk for traditional surgery, then we can offer MITRACLIP treatment. Mitraclip treatments involves repair of the mitral valve by passing a small “clip” through a vein in the groin. This means that we can now treat even the sickest patients with mitral valve leak.

Faster recovery, minimal scarring

The wounds heal in just seven to ten days and the scar is roughly two three inches compared to 12, making it much less visible. We also avoid spreading the ribs spaces apart which improves recovery even more. You can be back at work or living a normal life far faster with much less pain or risk of infection.

In safe hands

The Keyhole Heart Clinic is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of keyhole heart surgeries, performing amongst the highest number of these procedures in the UK. Our lead surgeon Mr Inder Birdi has an exceptional safety record gained over 12 years. In his hands the repair rate is greater than 99% with keyhole mitral valve surgery. He also trains other surgeons in this cutting-edge field of medicine so that more people can benefit from it.

Patients talk about their experience of Keyhole Mitral Valve Surgery

Mr Inderpaul Birdi talks about Mitral Valve surgery