Heart Surgery In Just 2 Weeks From Assessment

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Here at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, we understand that delays in receiving life enhancing heart surgery can result in serious immediate and long term health issues. If you have coronary artery disease and suffer chest pain for example, then delaying your treatment can reduce your quality of life, and can lead to heart attack or stroke.  If you have valve disease requiring heart surgery, delays can lead to heart failure, injury to other heart valves, irregular heartbeats requiring life-long blood thinners and more.

As our patient, you will be able to get the surgery you need within 2 weeks of your clinical assessment by us. Not only will you avoid long waiting times for your procedure, our keyhole heart surgery also provides many advantages over traditional open-heart surgery.


How A 2 Week Turnaround Is Possible

The team here at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, led by Mr Inderpaul Birdi, recognise that time is of great importance in optimising the outcome from heart surgery. Our team can respond rapidly to consultation requests, and we have access to diagnostic facilities in a number of sites in London and Nottingham. We can offer online or face to face consultations to speed up the decision-making process for you.

Benefits of Keyhole Heart Surgery

  • Quick recovery time – as it is a minimally invasive procedure recovery is swifter. The wound will heal within 7 days meaning that you can return to normal activities quickly once the bruising and swelling subsides.
  • No broken breastbone – traditional techniques require the breastbone to be separated so surgeons can access the heart for surgery. Therefore recovery time using traditional procedures can take many months. The keyhole surgery technique removes this requirement, meaning less pain and much faster recovery.
  • Minimal scarring – with keyhole surgery, patients experience minimal scarring – as small as 3 inches long where instruments are inserted.
  • Less pain overall – with the keyhole technique, wounds are often significantly smaller in comparison to open heart surgery and other techniques, and no bone healing is required.

Eliminate bone infection – one of the risks with traditional surgery is infection of the breastbone. This risk is removed when keyhole heart surgery is performed between the ribs.



Keyhole Surgery Q&A’s

How Much Does Private Keyhole Heart Surgery Cost?

All private medical insurers recognise the work of the team at The Keyhole Heart Clinic and they will authorise your consultation with us quickly. If you are self-funding your operation, the average cost of keyhole heart surgery in London is from £35,000 depending upon the type of procedure required and your general health prior to surgery. Once you have been assessed, the team will provide you with a more accurate cost prior to your admission.

I am Interested In Keyhole Surgery, Are You Able To Provide A Second Opinion?

Yes, if you have received a recent diagnosis and have been advised heart surgery will be required, we are happy to provide a second opinion. We can provide this both in person at our clinic, or remotely if you prefer.

Have Any Questions?


What Is Keyhole Heart Surgery?

Traditional heart surgery is performed through the breastbone cut. This is a large incision and the bone takes 12 weeks to fully heal. During this time you have to avoid heavy lifting and other day to day activities. Keyhole heart surgery is different. Also referred to as minimally invasive heart surgery, keyhole heart surgery is performed through small incisions created between the ribs without breaking the breastbone. These incisions heal in days rather than weeks.


Is Keyhole Heart Surgery Safe?

Keyhole heart surgery has been shown to be both safe and effective when performed by specialist teams like us. The doctors at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, led by Mr Birdi, have been performing keyhole heart surgery procedures in both the NHS and Private Sector for 18 years with excellent outcomes.


Arrange A Consultation Today

If you are concerned that you are waiting too long for heart surgery, and would be interested in learning more about privately funded care, please get in touch today. We can arrange a consultation so that we can understand your concerns and assess your suitability for keyhole surgery.



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