Experienced in both traditional & minimally invasive (keyhole) procedures

Mr Birdi has been a consultant in the UK for more than 15 years and works both in both NHS and Private hospitals in London and Essex. He was trained at the world renowned Royal Papworth Hospital, The Royal Brompton Hospital and The Bristol Heart Institute. He now runs a busy practice on Harley Street, London where he provides both first and second opinions for his national and international patients. He has been performing minimally invasive coronary bypass, and heart valve procedures for more than 15 years and now has one of the largest clinical experience of any surgeon in the UK. He has developed an international reputation in this area and trains surgeons in both traditional and advanced keyhole techniques.

Deep experience

“Although, we are highly experienced in all forms of adult cardiac surgery, minimally invasive heart surgery is our speciality or USP. We have performed more keyhole heart surgeries than almost anyone else in the UK over the last 15 years. Our reputation and expertise is recognised internationally and we act as a training centre for others wishing to learn these techniques.”

Patient-led and personal

“We get to know our patients as people so that we can provide the best, most effective surgical solution for their lifestyle. And we provide wrap around services and support from nutrition to rehabilitation and cardiac prevention services. Every patient who calls The Keyhole Heart Clinic will receive a personal call from Mr Birdi to discuss their clinical problem.”

Driving innovation

“Heart surgery – like all medicine – is constantly evolving. We are pioneering new procedures and implementing best practice, both in the operating theatre and out of it. This includes developments in artificial intelligence, 3D bioprinting, and virtual and augmented reality.”

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Mr Inder Birdi tells you everything you need to know about keyhole heart surgery