Primary and secondary prevention

The best solution to reducing the incidence of coronary atherosclerosis is through either avoidance or control of recognised risk factors. This can be achieved by the introduction of critically important lifestyle changes, and where appropriate, the use of medical treatment. Patients can have a health check that looks for many of these risk factors and those patients with a strong family history should see their General Practitioner to discuss this in more detail. Alternatively, you can contact The Keyhole Heart Clinic for a health screen

Smoking, both active and passive is a potent risk factor, and nothing short of abstinence is the advice that we give.

High blood pressure is the primary cause of many diseases, and when diagnosed, can be very effectively managed by simple measures such as regular exercise, weight reduction and medications that can lower blood pressure.

Raised cholesterol and Diabetes Mellitus (high blood sugar) must be monitored carefully and aggressively treated. Thankfully, there are now a multitude of medications that can help to do this effectively.

Antiplatelet therapy has been shown to reduce the occurrence of sudden clot formation on previously diseased arteries. Aspirin and other similar drugs (Clopidogrel) can prevent platelet aggregation in these circumstances and forms an essential component for the medical treatment of coronary atherosclerosis.

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