Valve Disorders

The team at The Keyhole Heart Clinic have an international reputation in treating all types of heart valve disorders using both traditional and keyhole approaches and receive patients from all over the world for assessment and treatment. We have developed the essential skills required to offer the benefits of keyhole procedures whilst achieving both safety and clinical results to rival traditional approaches. Our services include:

Heart Valve Disease Screening

(including 30 minute non-invasive testing)

Aortic Valve Surgery

(Repair and Replacement)

Mitral Valve Surgery

(Repair and Replacement)

Tricuspid Valve Surgery

(Repair and Replacement)

Keyhole Heart Valve Surgery

(including TAVI, MitraClip, Keyhole Surgery)

Hybrid Keyhole Heart Valve Surgery

(combines Keyhole Valve and Coronary Stents)

Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

(including percutanous and surgical ablation)

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Valve Disorders
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