Testimonial for treatment July 15th 2016 for atrial septal defect – 4.5cm Before The write-up about minimum invasive surgery prompted me to look into the profile of Mr Inderpaul Birdi. We discovered he was the founder of The Keyhole Heart Clinic – which is based in a private specialist wing in the Essex Cardiac Centre – Basildon Hospital, Harley Street Clinic and the Wellington Hospital. After reading up it soon became apparent he had vast experience in the minimum invasive technique compared to traditional open-heart surgery. We were impressed with his immediate response to my initial enquiry – he phoned after just coming out of surgery whereas others failed to respond even after several emails and telephone calls. His first reaction was that he could help me which I found most reassuring. As with most private treatment we discovered there was no waiting and we booked straight away. Furthermore we soon also discovered that he always answered calls when contacted, notwithstanding whether it was day or night. Calls were always returned when stated. After After the operation we discerned a thoroughness which we had noticed soon after our first encounter. His in-depth knowledge of his speciality soon became apparent together with displaying an aptitude to include others in his decision making – all very reassuring. His caring and quietly spoken manner imparted increasing confidence at a very worrying time in my life. He was obviously very much in command and very concerned to give the patient the best treatment and care before and after, his follow up care is outstanding. His main concern all along is your needs. When I considered that the most important organ in the human body was being entrusted to this very honest and unassuming person with such an excellent knowledge it imparted confidence at every step. I would unhesitatingly recommend Mr Birdi both as a person and a highly skilled and qualified heart surgeon – He truly is an incredible man

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Keyhole heart surgery and open heart surgery are two distinct approaches to treating heart conditions, differing significantly in technique, recovery,

At The Keyhole Heart Clinic, we deeply understand the significance of Clinical Prevention and Rehabilitation (CP+R) in ensuring optimal cardiac

Keyhole heart surgery is also known as minimally invasive cardiac surgery or thoracoscopic surgery and has revolutionised the treatment of