Keyhole Therapies

Keyhole heart treatments approaches are suitable for patients with many cardiac disease, including coronary artery blockages, heart valve disease, and cardiac rhythm disorders. A few simple tests are all we need to decide whether you are suitable for keyhole heart treatment and all keyhole procedures offered are performed routinely by the team at The Keyhole Heart Clinic. We are also highly proficient in traditional procedures so you can be confident that you will receive world class treatment whatever treatment is best for you. Our keyhole services include:

Percutaneous Coronary Interventions

(Stent, CTO, Rotablation)

Keyhole Coronary Bypass Surgery


Hybrid Keyhole Coronary Surgery

(Combines MIDCAB with Stents)

Keyhole Heart Valve Surgery

(Aortic/Mitral/Tricuspid Valves)

Keyhole Atrial Septal Defect Closure

(Percutaneous and Surgical)

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation


Transcatheter MitraClip Insertion

(Mitral Valve)

Keyhole Heart Rhythm Ablation

(Percutaneous and Surgical)


Benefits of Keyhole Heart Surgery

Traditional Breastbone Division
Broken bone
Heals in 3 months
No heavy lifting for 12 weeks
Small risk of bone infection
Mild to moderate pain
Cosmetically less appealing

Keyhole Approach
No broken bone
Heals within 7 days
Resume activity within days
No bone infection risk
Minimal pain
Superior cosmetic appeal
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Keyhole Therapies

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Keyhole Therapies

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