Everything About Keyhole Mitral Valve Surgery


The best solution for a leaky mitral valve is keyhole mitral valve surgery which is now a proven technique experts use to repair or replace the mitral valve.

The surgery avoids the traditional technique of breaking the breastbone, and instead, uses small cuts placed strategically between the ribs to achieve the goal of the surgeon.

The UK Mini Mitral Trial 2024 has shown that this procedure is both very safe and effective when performed by experienced surgeons. In this video, Mr Inder Birdi, our lead cardiothoracic surgeon, explains: The function of the mitral valve The causes of mitral valve regurgitation The damage that severe mitral valve leak can cause The symptoms of mitral valve regurgitation

The Indications for surgery Benefits of minimally invasive surgery to speed the recovery process and improve cosmesis Mitraclip

Reference UK Mini Trial: (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2805908)

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