Keyhole CABG – Mr TS


I am a reasonably fit 67 year old who presented with stable angina. An Angiogram indicated the need for a triple coronary bypass, partially the result of damaged coronary arteries and because the position of the resulting multiple stents was ill advised. Certainly this was an unexpected shock compounded with the knowledge that open heart surgery was highly traumatic and the use of heart lung machines could impair mental functions for a few weeks.

I consulted Mr Birdi with a raft of relevant questions related to potential treatment options. He was most helpful in answering all my queries, treating me with respect and above all else giving me confidence in his procedure for minimal invasion. It was recommended that I have my surgery at the Harley Street Clinic – I ascertained that, unlike many small private hospitals, this hospital was adequately equipped for major surgery. Mr Birdi was candid in his warnings that he might only be able to replace 2 of the arteries with minimal invasion and in the worst case may need to cut my sternum and perform the traditional method of surgery.

Mr Birdi, in conjunction with Anaesthetist Mr George and a team of others replaced 3 coronary arteries using minimally invasive techniques. All with my heart beating. I note that Mr Birdi uses durable arteries for grafts rather than the more common, but less durable veins. After a few hours sedation I awoke fully lucid, if physically frail. After 2 days in Intensive care and  4 days total I walked out of the hospital, albeit carefully.

I was mobile for a few hundred metres after 1 week and approached fully functional after 4. By 6 weeks all my incisions had healed and I was performing arduous physical activity.

I have nothing but praise for the opportunity to benefit from this latest surgical technique. The rapid recovery has enabled me to carry on with my personal plans with little interruption.

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