Keyhole Mitral Valve Repair 02/2021-Mr K (Essex)

[Under the care of Mr Birdi] “I underwent minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery to repair a mitral valve. I received excellent treatment from the most professional yet genuinely friendly people. I received excellent treatment from day one and I am pleased to say that my op was a total success. This of this…for several years my health was in decline. Think of this…for several years, I was always tired, I was lethargic and I felt disinterested.

The mental aspects are not often discussed when speaking of heart related problems but believe me they are there and the thought of a sternum operation, how should I say this…well most concerning to say the least…

Jumping  forward, six days after the op I walked unassisted from the hospital, fourteen days later I was walking between one and three miles per trip later cycling to date up to seven miles per day.

Never once have I required pain killers and I genuinely feel that I have my life back. My progress is good and my aims and goals are realistically targeted, my energy levels are improving week by week…This would not have been possible should I have gone the traditional route, ie sternum cut and to be frank I would not have had the confidence to undertake a small percentage of things I do today.

It somehow surprises me that this method of repair is not common knowledge. Once again thank you Mr Birdi and your remarkable team, I feel at least 10 years younger.”


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