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I simply typed in heart bypass surgery into the search page and the first option was The Keyhole Heart Clinic. This instantly had my interest and I promptly called only for [Mr Birdi] the surgeon himself to answer my call ! He then invited me down to the clinic for a chat.. I could not believe the confidence he inspired in me, explaining in layman’s terms how the operation would carried out, costings etc, Mr Birdi being one of only a handful of surgeons who can carry out such a procedure .

From this appointment within two weeks I had my operation , again fantastic seruice he worked around me to secure a date that worked for myself and my family.

The operation was a great success , with minimal pain. I was able to walk within one day of surgery and fully recovered in around three weeks. Truly incredible as normal breastbone surgery would have taken a couple of months to recover from.

The whole team including nurses and all the staff were fantastic and a great support at the the clinic.

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