Mr. Birdi and his team carried out an aortic valve replacement, mitral valve repair and a cardiac ablation for me in April 2014. At 76 I was concerned about the strain of undergoing surgery but prior to the procedure my quality of life was poor and my family and I had been told that without surgery a rapid decline was likely.

Having heard of Mr. Birdi’s excellent reputation and researching the success he has had in this field we knew he was the right person to lead my surgery.

From the moment I met Mr. Birdi I was reassured that we had made the right decision. During my initial consultation he was very honest and clear in the information he gave, explaining the risks and taking the time to answer my daughters questions and mine. His methodical approach and caring manner during our consultation filled us with confidence that the surgery would be carried out by someone who was clearly meticulous in their way of working and paid great attention to detail.

Having decided to go ahead, my open-heart surgery was quickly scheduled and took place in the Essex cardiothoracic Centre. Following surgery I was on intensive care for 36 hours and then remained on Orwell ward for 6 days. Mr. Birdi took the time to explain to my family and me separately how the procedure had gone and again answer any questions with patience and honesty. Mr. Birdi was approachable at all times and gave us confidence that a full recovery was achievable.

Following the surgery my recovery has been life changing. At first just being able to climb the stairs without resting felt like a big achievement, but little did I know that within just 5 months I would be climbing the steep hills of Edinburgh Castle on a family holiday without any difficulty. My scar was incredibly neat from day one and healed beautifully meaning I could wear my regular tops without feeling self-conscious.
I have been given the opportunity to enjoy my life once again and could not have hoped for a better outcome. My family and I will be forever grateful for the care that I received. I would recommend anyone in the unfortunate position of requiring heart surgery to trust that they will be in safe hands with Mr. Birdi.

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